Taking Risks

I don’t consider myself shy but at the same time I am not a very public person either. Cocaine Zombies is a book of fiction. Sam, the main character, is not me. Yet, we do share certain similarities. In writing fiction a part of the author’s thinking is transferred to all of his characters. This leaves a person feeling a bit exposed.

This is particularity true in this book. Sam is a three dimensional character. He must explore his sexual feelings. At times he is afraid but at other times he is able to overcome his fears. He is both heroic and deeply flawed.

There are other characters in the book who are also flawed. Characters whose actions range from indifferent to evil. Yet, a person or even an ancient voodoo deity is not pure good or pure evil. For a character to seem real we must acknowledge the complexity of that person. No person is pure good or evil. In all people there are shades of gray.

Parts of the book are silly and funny. Yet, other parts are upsetting and disturbing. Even fiction must reflects reality.

When the book is available for sale I have little doubt I will receive both praise and derision. I am fully prepared for both. After all I have been married for fifteen years. I understand that a negative comment or review can be as valuable as a positive one.Yet, it does leave a person vulnerable.

It is a bit like dating in high school. In high school you still cared what others thought about you. Your spirit had not yet been crushed. As a result you lacked the freedom of having been there before. Thus, rejection was a more difficult obstacle. You lacked the knowledge that comes with age. You honestly believed that if you were rejected you might not recover.

Yet at the same time I do want to know what other people think. As such I’m looking forward to hearing from people. So when the book comes out feel free to share your thoughts. This is true even if you don’t like some or all of the book. Although, if I had to guess, I think you will like it.

Hurry Up & Wait

It seems like an eternity ago when I came up with the idea to write Cocaine Zombies. Yet it is now available to purchase on November 1, 2012 and available for pre-sale on Amazon today. An excerpt is available on Manic Readers and a few chapters on scribd.

I have survived the editing process. It was a stark reminder that I should have paid more attention in English class. I will blame it on paying too much attention to the cute girl with the pigtails two rows up. That said the finished product looks great.

One question people may ask is why should I spend my hard earned money to buy Cocaine Zombies? I have made a top ten list.

1.  It may be the best book ever written concerning cocaine and zombies that takes place in central Illinois.

2.  It may be the best book on the subject matter that references, Descartes, John Stuart Mill and Herman Munster.

3.  It is the only book with my picture on the back. Thus, it is sure to be a collectors’ item (provided you’re my mother).

4.  It will give you a greater understanding of the sequel Ruler of Demons.

5.  When the movie comes out you can tell your friends you read the book first.

6.  It makes a great gift for the holidays. I should note that Halloween is the day before the release but people enjoy belated Halloween gifts.

7.  It’s great therapy. It allows the release of feeling since it will touch on all of your emotions.

8.  It is just the right size to push under the leg of the table to keep the table top perfectly level.

9.  It will make your own problems seem small by comparison. After all Sam must save the entire world.

10.  Last but not the least in terms of importance: It will make me happy! Yes, can you imagine writing a book and having no one read it? Why not make a complete stranger happy?