Cocaine Zombies wins an Independent Publisher (IPPY) Award

The Ippy Awards are a book competition dedicated to university presses, small publishing houses and independent authors. It appears from their web site that they had almost 2,500 authors and publishing houses enter the contest and over 5,000 books. Cocaine Zombies was considered for the National Category of Mystery/Cozy/Noir. I am pleased to say that Cocaine Zombies was awarded a Bronze Medal. Not only am I given the honor of saying, “Cocaine Zombies is an award winning book” but I also get a big medal.

It is not the first time I have won anything. I won a can of generic kidney beans at a grocery store that went out of business called Eisner Food Stores. I have won sports trophy’s in high school. I even had an eggplant win the blue ribbon at the County Fair one year. Yet, this is my first literary award.

I still remember the beans with their white label and army green stripe that simply read kidney beans. I had to scrape off one of six lines on a card and only one was a winner. I was so pleased to win I all but forgot I did not eat kidney beans.

It also gives me the chance to stick my tongue out at my high school English teacher. I still bitterly remember his use of my paper as an example of what not to write. Although, that was before the days of spell check and I had an editor for Cocaine Zombies.

I hope winning an award will convince some people who have not done so already to give Cocaine Zombies a read. I would like to thank the IPPY academy for this honor. I would like to congratulate all the IPPY winners and contestants. I would also like to thank camel press, my family, my cat and my fish for their support.

Since it would be in poor taste to go on with my self serving rant  I will instead list the IPPY winning authors in the Erotica category. Although I do not write or read erotica the titles are funny…because they are dirty:

Gold:  The Harder She Comes by D.L. King

Silver:  Buccaneer Island by J.P. Beausejour

Bronze: Stretched: Erotic Fiction that Fondles the Imagination Edited by Tinder James