American Music Awards (AMA) – American Writers Awards (AWA)

Yes, my life is dull. Yet, I have not yet been so bored as to watch the American Music Awards. That being said I did watch youtube performances by Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. To say the performances were a little over the top is like saying climbing Mount Everest is a bit of an opportunity to stretch ones legs.

Miley is an attractive young lady and given that she was damn near naked on stage I can’t help but question the need for a creepy kitten in the background. Other than any naughty innuendos one might have related to a cat I don’t get the point. I was equally vexed by Lady Gaga’s strange tribute to Monica Lewinsky or Ms. Perry’s reference to Geisha girls. I consider Geisha girls more akin to slavery than anything else.

I find it hard for an author to compete with the over the top world of entertainment. Even in the Hunger Games – Catching Fire, A fight to the death was not enough to entertain the masses. They needed fancy balls and crazy dresses. So if you are not as lucky as Suzanne Collins, and have your book turned into a movie, how does a writer compete?

Given that Ruler of Demons comes out December 15, 2013 I want to make a splash but am not sure how. The idea of the American Writers Awards comes to mind. I would be more than glad to put on my skimpiest outfit and have a digital lip syncing bunny on a screen behind me as I read a chapter. Dignity is so overrated. I know most writers are not as attractive as most performers but who cares. I lot of people are attracted to less than perfect lovers. After all what choice do we have? There aren’t a lot of people as attractive as movie stars, models and music devas to choose from. They aren’t even as attractive as themselves. After all they need makeup, sexy outfits and computer editing. I am sure with some special effects I could look a hell of a lot better than my author photograph.

Yet, as far as I know there is not an AWA. Well there is an American Wrestling Association and an American Watercraft Association but I am unaware of the American Writers Awards. If there is one I was not invited to their televised event. Yet, in an effort to sell more books on December 15, 2013 I intend to wear some bizarre outfit and allow the computer animated image of a fluffy animal to perform on screen behind me. Unless, you would like to spare me the indignity of having to do so. I could also spare you the indignity of your having to witness such a spectacle. You can avoid all the indignity by purchasing a copy of Ruler of Demons at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.