Summer Horror Flicks 2014

In the winter we have the movies trying to appeal to the award shows. We have the summer superhero and action star blockbusters. It seems like a long wait for the  horror movies of the fall. So lets look at some of the summer horror movies with some potential.

The first is a movie called “Squirrels”.  The teaser trailer (see: looks great. The concept of killer squirrels certainly has my attention. The warning on the poster, “Hold on to your nuts” seems ominous. It is certainly on my list of movies I want to see.

The Purge 2 is also on my list. The concept of twelve hours of lawlessness seemed interesting and caused me to see the original movie. The Purge was good but not great. To expand the idea beyond a single house and family has real potential. It is a good concept. I would like to see where it goes. This is another movie for my list (see:

“Deliver Us From Evil” looks like another potential must see. It centers around a big city cop investigating, demon possession and the occult. As you can tell if you read “Cocaine Zombies” voodoo and the occult are fun for big cites as well as small towns. I like the almost claustrophobic feel of a big city like New York hiding the intimate danger of the supernatural. I have high hopes. It sounds like it might be similar to “The Believers”.

“The Green Inferno” is also on my list. It is directed by Eli Roth who brought us “Hostel” and is apparently loosely based on an Italian film called “Cannibal Holocaust” (I never saw it). The Amazon seems like a great backdrop for horror.The idea is that a group of Americans go to the Amazon to save the rain forests and are captured by a dangerous and sadistic tribe. The tag line, “No good deed goes unpunished” is also compelling.

The final movie is “The Sacrament”. It appears there is some type of religious cult with something to hide. A news team goes to visit the cult and discovers there is more than it would at first appear. I am on the fence with this one but it does have some potential.

I have not seen any of these movies yet. If they are awful please don’t blame me. That being said I have high hopes at least one of them will be great. I must admit the squirrel movie has me the most intrigued. I did not see a release date posted on line so I hope it really does come out this summer. I have spent enough time watching the bird feeder to be afraid. I decided to forgo the spinning squirrel proof feeders just in-case they are plotting vengeance. Based on numbers I believe we are more likely to see squirrels take over the world than apes. That being said the new Planet of the Apes movie looks good as well. I believe if you tap on the word teaser trailer it should give you the trailer for Squirrels if not google it, you wont be disapointed.  Teaser Trailer