Tusk (Movie Review)

This is a movie with the unlikely premise that an insane killer is trying to turn a man into a Walrus. The main character, Wallace Bryton, is an obnoxious co-host of a blog radio program. The program is referred to as the “Not-See” show (to sound like Nazi) since you can “not see” a radio show. The title should give you an idea of how low the humor is for this fictional blog radio show. The show is intended to be shocking and filled with adolescent humor.

The main character is a flawed man. He cheats on his girlfriend and makes fun of people for entertainment. He is indeed obnoxious. Although, not nearly hate-able enough to go through what he has to in this movie. He is childish and immature but not evil.

He meets an old man in Northern Canada, Mr. Howe, who claims to have interesting stories to tell. The best part of this movie are the interesting tales he tells. It would have been a better movie if he spent more time telling these stories. One story he tells is about being rescued by a walrus.

Wallace is drugged by Mr. Howe and his body is mutilated to closer resemble that of a walrus. Yes, I would normally say,”spoiler alert” but this movie is not one for surprises. This portion of the movie is disturbing but not overly graphic.

At one point Mr. Howe lies and tells Wallace that he removed one of his legs because of a spider bite. He also claims a doctor came to visit. These lies makes the viewer question if he had lied about other things. Did he lie about being abused as a child or being rescued by a walrus to begin with?

I didn’t realize until after the film that Johnny Depp played the out of work detective,Guy Lapointe. He was unrecognizable in the roll. This character was almost as mentally disturbed as, Howard Howe, the madman who tried to turn Wallace into a Walrus.

This movie is a mix between, Fargo, Misery, and  Freaks. Yet, it does not rise to that level of excellence. Well, maybe it was on par with Freaks. It was disturbing and funny at times. It had good moments but was not great.

The acting as a whole was generally compelling and the premise was somewhat funny and scary at the same time. If you have seen the trailer then this movie does not provided a lot of surprises. All in all it was not a terrible flick. The Halloween movie season is slow in getting started so it might not be a bad bet.