Halloween -The Top Five Things to Do to Get Your Fright On and the Top Five to Avoid

Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to get in the spirit of the holiday. The release of The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest is certainly a festive way to celebrate. It is so spooky it should get your gibbets shaking well past Thanksgiving. I have decided this Halloween to provide a list of the top five things to do to get your fright on. I have also listed the top five to avoid.

Five Good Things to Do

  1.  See a scary movie in the theater. The theaters should provide a few good chills in October of 2015 with: Goosebumps, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, The Last Witch Hunter and Bone Tomahawk. I have not seen any of these but they look scary.
  2. Rent or Netflix a scary movie: It Follows is coming to the little screen. It is a fun film that takes the teen scream movie to a very different place. This was one of the best new horror flicks to come out last year.The Babadook is also out and this was original enough to give me a few chills. You can also enjoy all the Saw movies on Netflix.
  3. Pumpkin related activities. Yes, going to the local pumpkin patch to select your potential Jack-O-Lantern is always a good time. It is fun for the little goblins as well. Pumpkin related foods from pumpkin pie to pumpkin bread and ice-cream are a tasty fall treat. Although, I must confess I prefer butternut squash to pumpkin in my pie.
  4. Story Telling is particularly fun on and around Halloween. Every so often there will be events at bonfires, libraries and book stores promoting spooky story telling. I don’t know why we as I society we have forgotten how much fun tales around a fire can be.
  5. Real Haunted houses can be great on All Hallows Eve. I am not talking about the Haunted Houses that seem to spring up in abandoned stores and malls each year. I am recommending real haunted houses. Do some research there are a lot of haunted places all over the country. Around me there is the Lincoln Theater in Decatur, Illinois that gives tours and is said to be filled with ghosts. In Chicago the Congress Plaza Hotel has a reputation for spirits. I few of the old building at the University of Illinois are said to be haunted including the English Building and Lincoln Hall. The haunted tower at Urbana High School is also said to be haunted.

Things not to do.

1. Raising the dead is always a mistake. If have learned anything from Pet Cemetery,  Flatliners, and Frankenstein it never turns out well when you try to raise the dead. Sure it sound like fun until someone has their brains eaten.

2.  Killing people and playing with their guts. Life is sacred and it is wrong to snuff it out. Also, it is illegal and bad karma. Live and let live I always say. It is also near impossible to get blood and guts our of your clothes.

3.  Using a Ouija Board alone is a mistake. It is a bad idea to invite spirits and possibly demons into your home. It is a worse idea to do so alone. You need someone else to help tether you to this world. It also helps to have someone back you up in a fight with the supernatural.

4.  Say “Bloody Mary” or “Candy Man” into a mirror three times. Yes, there are movies named after Bloody Mary and the Candy Man. If you watch them you will get the idea of why this is not such a good idea. Let’s just say what you unleash is damn hard to put back in.

5.  Agree to a dare. Yes, it’s Halloween and your best friend has double dog dared  you to go up to the old Jenkins home knock on the door and run. Maybe you are promised a candy bar if you only spend the night at the abandoned house on Elm Street. To paraphrase the Nike Commercials, Just Don’t Do it.

So take my advice and you will have a lot of fun this Halloween. Don’t forget to get your copy of the Wiccan Witch of the Midwest on Amazon, B&N and the Camel Press web page. You can have a lot of fun and still be safe and respectful of the creatures that go bump in the night.