The Next American Revolution

As the election draws near it is clear that Americans are seeking change. Trump and Sanders may not win the nomination for their prospective parties but their popularity is an indication that the American people are not happy with the status quo. I should stress that The Commander and Chief no matter who that person is can’t solve the major underlying problems with this nation. Yet, he or she can help lead us in the right direction. This is a critical time in American history.

It is a mistake to look to the past for solutions to our current  problems. Yet, we can’t ignore history either. I find some of the rhetoric from the candidates reminiscent of the mistakes this nation has made in the past.

Some people believe that this countries unprecedented post WWII growth can be repeated and the way to do so is to live by the social values of the 1950’s. That is simply nonsense. We live in a bigger world today and the world’s resources are being shared by more and more industrialized countries.

Henry Ford sold his cars cheaply enough so that his employees could afford to buy them. In the past the rich recognized that they had to live among factory workers and thus needed to provide a living wage. Multinational corporations are not set up to care about individuals within this nation.

Today products are made in China. The factory owners don’t ever see their employee’s and wouldn’t recognize them if they did. The rich can live in gated communities and never be confronted with the poor. Factory owners no longer live in the same city where their products are made.

Many issues the politicians discuss in debates and on the campaign trail are designed to appeal to the listeners passion and prejudice rather than their needs and expectations. People shouldn’t vote against their financial interests because a candidate claims to share their religion or side with them as to some social issue.

What made America great was our education system and the size of the Middle Class.The Middle Class is shrinking and our education system is no longer the best in the world. As more of the world’s wealth is put in the hands of fewer people the likelihood of a second American Revolution increases.

Programs like social security, food stamps and welfare are about more then a nation’s generosity. Starving people are dangerous. People will kill to feed their children. It is a mistake to vote for anyone who does not believe in a safety net. Yet, the system can’t work if a person with a full time job does no have a better standard of living than a person on welfare. These are issues candidates need to discuss.

This election we need to elect a president who:

A.  Will work to help education her citizens.

B.  Allow people to believe through hard work they can succeed and actually support legislation that will make that happen.

C.  Will bring people together.

D.  Will put the blame on the people responsible for the problem.

E.  Understands where the money is and how money works.

F.  Is not so arrogant that they can’t consider the view point of others.

G.  Are guided by the best interest’s of individuals and not corporations.

This election we need to avoid candidates who:

A.  Believe God is on their side.

B.  Wrap themselves in the flag.

C.  Believe they can succeed through force of will.

D. Can’t answer a direct question with a direct answer.

E.  Promise the impossible.

It is also important to remember that the president has very little control over most social issues other than the nomination of Supreme Court Justices. Issues such as gay rights, abortion, and gun control are issues primarily addressed by state legislatures and by the judiciary. In addition the interpretation of the United State’s Constitution has nothing to do with the President that is an issue for the courts.

I am not endorsing a specific candidate. Even if I was who would listen. I am asking that people make an effort to educate themselves about the candidates. People need to pick a candidate who puts substance above rhetoric. I hope as a nation we will make the right decision for the people of this country.