The Price of Freedom

The murder of fifty people in the happiest place on earth is a reminder of the cost of freedom. The response to such tragedy is to stand firm in our beliefs. This is not the time to pass more laws to give the government the power to further seize our liberty. This is the time to stand up for freedom and take a stand against racism, homophobia and hatred.

There are people who are filled with hate. Those people wont be changed by my words or those of anyone else. Yet, these are desperate acts of a radical few people holding on to an uncivilized time that has passed them by. These terrorists must act out violently because no one will hear their words otherwise. No one cares about a minority of evil people so they must murder people who are cared for. This is a last ditch effort to make an irrelevant group feel important. They must strike down something of value because they themselves have none.

After such a tragedy there will be radical talk to extend and expand The Patriot Act. There will be talk about giving the police further power and to erode the freedoms guaranteed by Fourth Amendment to the United State’s Constitution. It is our constitution and our freedom that makes Americans the target to evil doers.

Freedom has always required sacrifice. The price of freedom has often been death. Fifty people in Florida should never have had to pay that price. They were innocents not soldiers. Yet, America is at war. It is a war we must fight not by bullets or police power but by speaking out against the force of darkness. It is a war we fight when we stand up for individuals picked on because of their religion, sexual preference or the color of their skin. It is a war we fight when we uphold the United State’s Constitution. It is a war we will win.

Our politicians may use this tragedy to embrace hatred. Yet, one gunman lacking a soul is not the face of America. America is in the faces of those speaking up against hatred. America is reflected in the people giving blood and giving of their time. American exceptionalism is about embracing freedom.