Conspiracy Theories, Trump & Voter Fraud

Conspiracy theories can be fun so here is one to think about. Why would Trump in the third debate not agree to accept the results of the election?

Trump had to realize this would make him look bad. America prides itself on having a peaceful transfer of power. If Trump wants to make America great our democracy is one of our countries finest attributes. The idea that the people (or our delegates) elect a president is a central tenant of democracy.

Besides why not wait until the voting results come in. Trump could at that time disavow his comments at the debate. He could say he didn’t have all the information at the time of the debate. He could point out that he discovered new information. In truth who cares if he accepts or does not accept the results of the election.

All of the Republican candidates agreed to support the eventual GOP nominee. Trump had no problem rescinding this promise, well until he became the nominee. Kasich and Cruz also rescinded the pledge. Until Cruz changed his mind again and supported Trump. Going back on their pledge did not appear to hurt any of the candidates.

So why would Trump make a point of saying he might not accept the results of the election? Now for my conspiracy theory. If illegal aliens, dead people and felons vote it will be unlikely to have any real impact on the result of the election. Yet, if our electronic voting machines and computer tabulators are hacked it could have an impact.

Various states and counties leave no paper trail and could in theory be hacked. Other electronic voting machines are susceptible to hacking.


The issue of the hacking of the DNC emails and Hillary Clinton emails have been one sided. Russia is believed to be behind the hacking of the emails.Did WikiLeaks get their information from Russia? Trump has indicated on a number of occasions his support of Putin. On the other hand Putin appears not to like Hilary Clinton.

Now for the conspiracy theory part of the blog. What if Trump believes Russian will try and hack the computers and voting machines to his benefit. If Trump were to win the election It would look bad for Clinton to claim the election was rigged after attacking Trump for such a claim. It would look bad to claim the computers and/or voting machines were hacked.



Ouija Origin of Evil – Review

The  few weeks before Halloween should be filled with scary movies but Ouija Origin of Evil was the only one in the theater this weekend. It was a prequel to the 2014 movie Ouija. The 2014 movie was watchable but unremarkable. Thus, my expectations for the prequel were not very high.

I was pleasantly surprised. It is hard for me to write movie reviews because I try to avoid spoilers. That being said I will have to provide some information I learned from watching the film. As such I won’t be offended if you stop reading this blog until after you have seen the movie.

Some of the characters have become clique over the years. An innocent child possessed by evil. A single mother trying to get by after the death of her husband. A teenage girl struggling with moving towards adulthood. A kind priest trying to fight his own internal demons.Yet, this does not bother me. All characters are cliques at a point. We are surrounded by entertainment. We have seen so many television shows, movies and books it is rare for anything to be truly unique.

I found the characters believable. Lulu Wilson who played Doris and Annalise Basso who played Lina were both up to the task and convincing in their rolls. I also found the special effects to be creepy and not overused. When Doris contorts her body in unnatural ways it is subtle but also truly disturbing.

I liked the juxtaposition of 1965 and the innocence of that time against the evil of the spirits. Ouija boards have been around forever but in 1966 Parker Brothers bought the rights to the name Ouija (Hasbro purchased it from Parker Brothers in 1991) I assume this is the beginning the movie is referencing. 1965 was prior to the summer of love and was a quite and conservative time compared to the world today. The innocence of the girls and of the time period compared to the darkness and evil of the spirits made for a good contrast.

In addition the house itself became a character. Hiding secrets of it’s prior owners. The Priest was trying to help without being judgmental. The mother was doing her best to get by. I felt  her willingness to scam her customers and her justification of the dishonesty made her more relate-able.

This movie is not going to win the Oscar for Best Film but I suspect it will be a winner at the box office from now to Halloween. It was fun, spooky and a good time. I would recommend seeing it.



Killer Clowns, Sexy Outfits, Politics & What Not to Wear – Halloween Costume Advice

Sexy – Who doesn’t love sexy in a costume? Sure there is the naughty nurse or sexy french maid. Other classics include the playboy bunny or slinky feline. These days any costume can be sexy. The results can be down right creepy. From food to children’s cartoon characters.  I have seen sexy costumes such as the following: sexy carrot, sexy corn, sexy banana and sexyTeletubbie. More disturbing are the sexy politicians. If you felt like ripping your eyes out of your head after opening the bedroom door and seeing your parents snuggling  wait until you see the sexy Trump and sexy Bernie Sanders costumes.  My advice be sexy but use good judgement.

Killer Clowns – Yes, like most Americans clowns give me the creeps. Stephen King’s: IT certainly has not put clowns in the best of light and a remake does not bode well for people with coulrophobia. Movies such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space and characters like Captain Spalding from The Devils Rejects add to the negative image of clowns. Not to mention clown spokes persons for restaurants have been known to cause people with phobias distress.

With all the recent clown sightings I suspect there will be a lot of people dressing as clowns this year. I should warn people it might be dangerous. There was a news story out of Chicago of a woman being attacked for wearing too much make up. This year I would encourage people not to go out dressed as a clown.

Politicians – Sure it may seem like a great idea to dress as Trump given his skin color is similar to a pumpkin and a trump wig is easy to find. Hillary also may seem like a great costume. All you need is a pant suit. Cat costumes may seem seem like a good idea as well in light of certain comments by the Republican candidate but I would suggest taking a more tasteful approach. This year politics is scary enough. Why overly scare the little demons and goblins in your neighborhood. I guess you could go as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein but who would recognize you.

Superheros – Superheros are always a good choice. You can be as sexy or as heroic as you like. Remember children look up to superheros so don’t let them down. Super villains are a whole other matter. The Joker is a little too close to a clown costume and Harley Quinn might be a bit disturbing.

Classic Costumes – You can’t go wrong with classic creatures of the night. Penny Dreadful has brought Frankenstein, The Wolf-man and Dracula back in vogue. These creatures of the night never go out of Halloween vogue. Ghosts are also a good costume idea. All you need is a sheet and scissors. You can’t go wrong by going back to the classics. This includes many of the characters in my books. Demons, witches, mummies and voodoo spirits are good options.

Why dress up?  Remember costumes serve two purposes. The first is it is fun to pretend to be someone or something else. Even if it is just for the night costumes are freeing in some ways. The second is wearing a costume hides your true identity from the real creatures of the night who might to and steal your soul. Once a creature of the night determines  you are human and actually have one it can be unsafe*. So have fun this Halloween season.

  • The author makes no real or implied warranty that all humans have souls. As of late there is substantial support that some people may be lacking in that department. 

Could it happen in America? The answer is yes.

I want to start out by saying it is not my intent to compare any politician to Hitler. I do not believe that is appropriate. I do not believe any candidate is suggesting mass murder. Yet, the similarities between Hitler’s policies and some of the suggested policies in the presidential contest are worth noting. The real question is  under the right circumstances could the Holocaust happen here?

It is easy to say that the Germans were evil or easily led. The same evil nature would also have to include the Italians, the Japanese and the remaining Axis Powers. I do not believe such large groups of people are inherently evil.

America is not exempt from all responsibility for Hitler’s Germany. America turned away boat loads of Jewish refugees knowing that they would be returned to Germany to die. America knew about the murder of innocents but failed to act. America could have bombed the train tracks leading to the concentration camps but did nothing. America created interment camps for American citizens of Japanese dissent.

After WWI Germany was in shambles. On top of having to rebuild the infrastructure of their country the Germans had to care for their returning soldiers, their wives and widows. To make matters worse they had to pay reparations to England and France. The result was hyperinflation and an economic depression. The depression was not limited to the Germany as the depression spread throughout the world from 1929 for the next ten years.

Middle class Germans could see their futures and that of their children slipping away. That desperation paved the way for the Third Reich. This desperation allowed Adolph Hitler to rise to power.

Hitler was able to convince the German people that their country was on the brink of disaster. He convinced the people that if extreme actions were not taken than there was no hope for the future. In addition he was able to convince the voters that he alone could make Germany great again.

Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s misfortune. This was despite the fact that Jews made up less than 1% of the German population. There was no evidence to support any claim that Jews had a negative impact on the German economy.

Jews had nothing to do with Germany’s negative economic Hitler’s final solution did have a negative economic impact. Hitler wasted the resources of Germany, when Germany needed them the most. Mass murder took man power, fuel, weapons and other resources from the German people.

In addition Germany had laws that barred Jewish scientists from working. Germany at the time was the envy of the scientific world. This policy adversely effected the German economy by excluding contributors to the economy.

On a side note The Manhattan Project that created the nuclear bomb was made up of a large number of European Jews. The vast majority of the leadership of the Manhattan Project was Jewish. If Hitler had not made the decision to destroy the Jewish population Germany might have been the  first to create the nuclear bomb.

I would like to turn my analysis to today and our current election. I do see some similarities in proposed policies that cause me concern. Again I am not attacking parties or candidates only bringing up suggested policies that cause me concern.

Illegal immigration is a problem in this country but in the scheme of things it is not a big problem. The population of illegal immigrants is approximately 3.5% of the overall population. ( Illegal Immigrants are not entitled to welfare. They do pay taxes through property  taxes and sales tax. In addition many pay other payroll taxes through their employment using fake social security cards but don’t get social security in return.

There is some cost to tax payers relating to illegal immigration in terms of medical care and education. Also, some people may commit fraud to obtain government assistance. Yet, all in all it would be hard to argue that there is a net economic loss to America caused by illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration may be a problem but it has no real negative impact on America’s economy. As a political and economic issue it is a smoke screen. It is like blaming the Jews for Germany’s economy.

The issues related to Muslims with in our country also has limited impact on our countries economy but is being used politically. Even though a large number of terrorists are Muslim that does not mean a large number of Muslims are terrorists. It does bring some disturbing parallels to WW2 to argue that America should refuse to admit refugees. It is even more bothersome if we were to base or decisions on religion. Obviously, we need to make sure refugees are not terrorists and that we limit the number of refugees to an amount we can provide for.

I believe America is great. There may be some argument that white, male, Americans felt they had a greater potential to succeed in the 1950’s and 1960’s. After WW2 America was competing with a Europe that was devastated by war. Europe’s manufacturing base was in turmoil.  China, Mexico and India were underdeveloped as was their manufacturing base. America was the worlds first superpower. We could use a disproportional amount of the worlds resources and dominate world trade. I don’t know how any political person or body can recreate those circumstances.

America is in need of money. To solve the problem we need to look for solutions where the money is. When the bank robber, Willie Sutton, was asked why he robbed banks, he allegedly said, “That’s were the money is”. Today the money is in the hands of multinational corporations and the top 1% of the population. If we need to make major changes related to our economy that is the first place to look. Making efforts to stamp out fraud in social services is important but will have little impact on the overall economy.

Issues like gay marriage, abortion and guns may be important but have little to do with the economy. The economy is the real issue for voters. (

I am not trying to attack specific politicians. Both of our presidential candidates may have the best of intentions. Yet, some similarities between suggested policies and the policies of Germany in the 1930’s should cause Americans concern.

  1.  The effort to convince people that America is going down the drain and if a certain candidate is not elected there will be dire consequences that can never be recovered from.
  2. The effort to convince people that the reason their country is going down the drain is the actions of some group of minorities who have no negative impact on the economy.
  3. The efforts to convince the people that they do not need to work with other countries or uphold contracts, international laws or other agreements (trade agreements, NATO, The Treaty of Versailles).
  4.  Arguing for an increase in police powers and police presence. The support for “stop and frisk” and the suggestion that additional police authorities are needed to hunt down and remove millions of people.
  5. If a candidate appears to have the support of White Supremacist groups.