Have Yourself a Very Scary Christmas

Wouldn’t it be great if Barnes and Noble had lines around the corner on Black Friday? What if children couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to deliver their favorite book. Sadly, if the Grinch took away peoples books a lot of children wouldn’t notice.

Yet, this is an amazing time for readers. There are millions of books just waiting for you to read them. Readers are not limited to a few publishing houses. They are not limited to a few authors. The choices are near limitless.

There are fantastic books about anything you can imagine. Give this gift of reading this holiday season. It is as easy as going to Amazon online or driving to your local book store.

Yes, Habitat for Human Remains should be on your list but why stop there? There are millions of choices that are simply a click away. Why not download an audio book on your phone?

You need not return that flat screen television and agree wine and cheese of the month club is the perfect gift. Just don’t forget the food for the imagination found between the pages of a good book.