Lincoln and Django Unchained

I saw the movie Lincoln. I liked the movie because it talked about the wheeling and dealing surrounding the 13th Amendment. A subject that I was not very familiar with. I also saw the movie Django Unchained another movie about slavery. I liked both movies and wish them both luck at the Oscars.

Like books movies impact their audience not just based on their quality and content but by what the audience brings with them. This is not just their personal preferences but their mood at any given moment. My assessment of both these movies was certainly impacted by my mood at the time I watched them.

The theme of both these movies is the same, essentially that slavery is bad. Although, certainly Lincoln is a more serious film than Django Unchained in some ways it is less personal. Django shows the violence associated with slavery. The cuts made by the whips, making people fight to the death, the idea of breaking families apart. Lincoln, in large, part concerns a bunch of rich white law makers fighting over abstract beliefs concerning slavery. Although, the personal moments in Lincoln were very powerful.

I have been struggling with the idea of what is appropriate when it comes to comedy and satire in the context of horror and inhumanity. Tarantino also directed Inglorious Bastards that takes place in Nazi Germany. I think there is a place for humor and satire amidst horror. In some ways I believe it makes the inhumanity more evident.

I have only seen three of the movies nominated for best picture this year. Lincoln, Django Unchained and Les Miserables. Of the three I would vote for Lincoln. I do want to see Argo. I should also give a Cocaine Zombies high five to the director of Life of Pi, Ang Lee. Mr. Lee is also a graduate of the University of Illinois.

The point I have been trying to make in this blog is perhaps better explained in the famous Mounds commercial. To paraphrase, some times you feel like one form of entertainment and sometimes you don’t. I should note that I don’t particularly like dried coconut. Although, I do enjoy many of the fine products at Hershey. Hershey purchased the United State’s rights to sell Mounds in 1988.

I am in no way associated with Lincoln, Django Unchained or Les Miserables. I am also not associated with Mounds or Hershey. I receive no compensation for my reviews. Should Hershey find the need to send me a candy bar after the fact I  do enjoy a good Butterfinger or Kit Kat.   

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