Random thought on my book Cocaine Zombies

I would like to say that Cocaine Zombies is a literary classic. I would like to say that but that would be lying. Then again a lot of literary classics are not that fun. Let’s face it Flaubert could have used some more zombies in his work. I have often thought that Kafka was a bit of a downer and could also benefit from a zombie or two. Yes, Cocaine Zombies is unlikely to win the Nobel Prize in litrature (Although if you are on the prize committee feel free to prove me wrong). That being said you should read it anyway.

Why should you read Cocaine Zombies? One, I spent a lot of time writing it so I would appreciate someone reading it. Two, it is a fast paced and fun book to read. Three, it is the type of book that makes you think.

This book is about more then just cocaine and zombies it explores the nature of humanity. Do we as a people deserve the freedom we have? Do we willingly give away too much of our freedoms to the government? Are we as people essentially good or evil?

I don’t intend to go into a lot of details about the book in my blog until it is available for sale. After all it is silly to talk about something no one else has read. I also do not intend to talk a lot about the process of writing Cocaine Zombies since I am done writing it. I will spend some time in this blog talking about movies, other books or what ever is on my mind. Obviously the opinions in this blog are mine alone and do not reflect those of Camel Press. I should warn you that I can also be fickle. Thus my opinions in this blog may not always reflect my own opinions a year from now. Thanks for reading.

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