General Information and Comments

I do read the comments people post. The publisher was kind enough to set up this blog. As such I appreciate questions on how I set up this post but am unable to answer these questions.

Another common topic people comment on are generic compliments. Everyone loves to hear a kind word. Yet, at the same time a compliment like, “I enjoyed the blog” does not help me make it better.

I do find it useful when people make comments that are specific good or bad. Also, if there are topics people would like to see a blog written about feel free to drop me a comment.

If you would like to make a positive comment I would love to know specifically what you enjoyed. I comment is not very helpful if I cant tell if you ever read the post. Negative comments are also appreciated provided they are specific and it is clear you read the post.

I do want this blog to fun and relevant. Thank you for reading this blog. I love to read your comments. Yet, specific and clear comments are the most helpful.

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