Bloody Murdock

I should note the following review is for a book published by Camel Press. Cocaine Zombies was also published by Camel Press and thus you can determine if you feel the review is biased. I feel the need to provided this information for the sake of full disclosure. I do not receive compensation for my reviews. That being said if someone finds the need to send me fruit roll ups and/or candy bars that is ok.

I one problem with reviewing mysteries is that there is the potential to spoil a part of the book for people who have not read it already. Bloody Murdock, however, is not really a “who done it”. The real question is not who but why.

Matt Murdock is a tough private eye who reminds me of a character in a pulp fiction detective novel from the 40’s or 50’s. He enjoys the ladies and the only reason he does not refer to them as dames is because he was born at the wrong time. He also enjoys a cocktail every so often and is no stranger to danger.

The novel starts out with two murders. A young actor and actress are run off the road and killed. Matt Murdock is hired to act as a body guard for a guy who photographed the dead girl. He was also at the party where she was last seen alive. Mr. Murdock is soon fired by his new client who winds up dead soon after.

After being let go from his first job he is hired by the sister of the woman who died in the car. His new client is attractive but has a chip on her shoulder. She is also missing part of one of her legs (a fact that becomes important later in the story).

Mr. Murdock is soon fired from his second employer as well. It appears Matt can’t take a hint because he doesn’t let himself slow down just because he is not wanted. He clearly needs to solve the mystery even if he doesn’t get paid for it.

Mr. Murdock gets shot, attacked by body builders, and rejected by the sister of the woman who was murdered. Yet, despite all of this he still continues his search for the killers. As tenacious as a bull dog and as tough as a bowl of nails he plunges head first into his work.

I don’t want to say too much more for fear of spoiling the surprises. The story does involve the pornographic movie business, snuff films and the darker side of the Hollywood. It also involves guns and tenacity.

If your looking for a book with a protagonist who is as tough as steel but has a heart of gold Matt Murdock is a good choice. The City of Angels and the surrounding areas come alive in this novel. I look forward to reading some of Mr. Murdock’s other adventures.

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