Scary Movie 5

One of the good things about this film was that I walked into the theater with very low expectations. As a result I enjoyed the film. I must admit I have been desperate for entertainment before. As a result I have seen more than one of the prior Scary Movie films. This was probably the best of the group.

Ashley Tisdale was perhaps the best reason for this film being a step above most of the others. Perhaps her years with Zac and Cody and in High School Musical gave her the ability to treat inane material seriously. What ever the reason she did a very good job making a silly movie watchable and at times laugh out loud funny.

I have not seen the movie Mama or Paranormal Activity so I might have missed some of the humor related to those films. The parts related to Evil Dead were right on target. They also made fun of Cabin in the Woods, Inception and The Black Swan. All and all the movie references were not bad.

Yes, these movies are geared a bit towards adolescent boys. The result is a lot of fart humor and crude sexual references. Actually there was only one fart related scene. Yes, I am ashamed to say it made me laugh.

I also had to laugh at the scene with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Most of it was in the television commercials but it was still mildly amusing. Lindsay must be more adversely impacted by her addiction than Charlie is by his. Charlie comes across as if he is enjoying himself while Ms. Lohan appears less motivated by her roll.

I certainly would not have gone to see this movie on a better movie weekend. That being said it was funny enough to have been worth seeing. So if you keep your expectations low it is a movie worth viewing.

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