Summer Flicks – Cruel Summer or Summer Loving?

Super Hero Movies

I did like Iron Man 3. I didn’t like it as well as the first Iron Man but it was still fun. I did enjoy the twist with the Mandarin. Like the orange you must remove the rind to get beneath the surface. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending but the movie overall deserves a positive review.

I didn’t like Man of Steel. I don’t think Superman translates well to modern times in general. It is hard to waste emotions on a character that is pretty well invulnerable. The idea of having him fight villains from Krypton is the way to go. Yet, the film still didn’t work for me. I do give some credit to the first ten minutes of the film while on Krypton. The genetically engineered fetuses was an interesting twist on a classic tale. Also, Krypton is not an ideal society but a troubled one.

Wolverine and Thor are still coming up this summer and I have high hopes for them. Superhero’s and summer go together like ice cream and hot fudge or hotdogs and mustard. I just hope Hollywood does not stretch itself too far producing superhero movies.

Other movies

The Purge was not a great film but it was interesting and fun. Overall, I liked it better than Superman. It does make you think about what would happen if there was one lawless day per year. What is the nature of humanity? What would be the impact on our country financially? What would be the impact on our country morally?

This is the End was also an interesting film. I did get a little bored of the friends locked up in their Hollywood home being selfish and annoying. That being said there were enough funny bits to make up for it. Jonah Hill possessed by a demon was funny. I also enjoyed Emma Watson playing a roll far from Hermione. The ending was also a nice twist.

I am looking forward to the Lone Ranger this weekend. I am concerned about the early reviews but it looks fun in the previews. Johnny Depp looks great as Tonto but I will wait to see if his performance matches his appearance.

Cruel Summer or Summer Loving? We still have most of the summer in front of us. I will let you know in September.

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