Anecdotal Evidence of the End of Days

Throughout time every society has thought that the end of times was just around the corner. The world is a resilient place and thus far everyone has been wrong. I am not ready to gather a cult of followers and move to the middle of nowhere to wait for the end of days. In addition I don’t intend to put on a tinfoil hat and hold up a sign that reads “the end is near”. I just wanted to point out something’s that make me wonder. I intend to ramble about anecdotal evidence rather than provide statistics and other proof to my statements. I suspect if I cared enough I could indeed find some statistics that would support my claims. At the same time I don’t care that much.

Yesterday I noticed a bumble bee hanging around my potted citrus tree. At the time I thought it was odd that it was the first bumble bee I have seen all summer. I haven not seen any monarch butterflies this summer either. It seems as though the attractive insects have been disappearing over the years.

I have also noted the number of rabbits have been steadily declining over the years. I rarely see rabbits anymore. This time five years ago I might go for a walk and see twenty our more.

On a national level I have noted more and more articles about strange natural occurrences. The lobster population has increased dramatically. This has been attributed to global warming. Jelly fish are increasing in numbers as well. I have read other articles about the increase in lion fish.

Again, I have no scientific facts or statistics to back up any claim. I just think it is odd. Perhaps, this is simply evalution or part of the cycle of life. Animal populations have always varied. Some animals are destined to fail. I am sure the world will get by without Ivory Billed Woodpeckers and Giant Pandas. We also seem to be doing fine without Dinosaurs and Saber Toothed Tigers.

Yet, it all makes me uneasy. It seems as though I am not alone in recognizing this trend. “This is the End” was a comedy that came out this summer about the end of days. This weekend “The World’s End” comes out. Although, I am looking forward to seeing the movie, I loved “Shaun of the dead”, I am worried. I think these movies reflect a collective consciousness of concern.

I am not suggesting to save money and buy the paint with a 10 year versus a 20 year warranty. I believe the world has plenty of good years left. I just find some of my observations disturbing. That being said if you feel the world is going to end tomorrow feel free to send me all your money since you wont be  needing it.

Even if the world is coming to an end I am not sure we can do anything about it. We can certainly recycle and cut our carbon footprint. We can stop overusing pesticides and chemical fertilizers. You, can hug a bunny if you can find one. It also wouldn’t hurt to love one another and bar your teens and tweens from listening to annoying music with swear words and no positive messages. It also can’t hurt to read more.




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