10 Devil or Demon Flicks for Halloween

Yes, Halloween is a couple weeks away and I have not talked about scary movies.Given that Ruler of Demons comes out just in time for Christmas (December 15, 2013), I thought I would talk about some Halloween movies with a demon or devil theme. There are many to choose from but I will just pick some I find interesting for one reason or other.

The Exorcist (1973): This movie was originally rated X (adults only).and still translates today forty years later. It is about a little girl possessed by the devil or maybe a demon. I can’t remember which. I do remember it being a damn scary movie.

The Omen (1976): Like the Exorcist it is about little kids who scare the snot out of you. It is amazing how a little kid can freak you out. Damien is the Antichrist and born of a Jackal. This movie worked a lot better then the sequels. It is odd to root for a father to stick a dagger into his son. Yet, to save the earth from the ultimate evil, why not?

Rosemary’s Baby (1968): Unlike movies today there is not a lot of blood and guts in this classic. Yet, this tale of a pregnant mother in New York with her devil worshiping neighbors is just plain creepy.

The 9th Gate (2000): Roman Polanski, thirty two years after Rosemary’s Baby, creates another film about the devil. Johnny Depp played a dishonest book trader we like despite his questionable character. We are provided a glimpse of devil worshipers and a book that can open the gate to hell.

Night of the Demons (1988) Remake (2009): Nothing like teenagers being possessed by demons and killing each other. Oh well, stuff happens. The original is better than the remake. If you like campy, demon possession fun, this is a good place to start.

Evil Dead (I and II) (1981, 1987): Oddly this is essentially the same movie. The result is I often think parts of one are included in the other. The 2nd is campier than the first. There was a remake in 2013 of the same name that is less campy and seems to include themes from I and II. There is also a musical version (a play not a movie) ┬áthat is very good. An ancient book is used to summon an evil demon that possesses people. If you see a book bound in human skin by all means don’t read from it.

Prince of Darkness (1987): We are taken to an abandoned church in L.A. and introduced to ancient evil. What else is new? A container of goo is the embodiment of evil. When the liquid is absorbed by a young lady all hell breaks loose. John Carpenter directed this film and we even have Alice Cooper as a street person.

The Sentinel (1977): If you are really good looking and find a great apartment with strange neighbors you might want to look for other housing. It is odd where gates to hell may be hiding. This is an old but still creepy flick.

Hellraiser (1987): A wood puzzle box that opens the gates of hell. In this movie the demons don’t so much possess you as rip your soul apart. Yet, you do get to come back as a Cenobite. So not all is lost, just your soul.

Jennifer’s Body (2009): No this is not a great movie. Yes, it was panned by the critics. Yet, it is not as horrible as people say and it kinda of fits into the human sacrifice element of Ruler of Demons. What happens when you need a virgin for sacrifice and your sacrifice is a little less virginal then you imagined? She gets possessed by a demon. It takes a while for her friends to catch on to the fact that she is a demon but that is to be expected. A lot of really hot cheerleader types act like they are possessed by demons even without the help of the supernatural.

Ruler of Demons, makes a great stocking stuffier. Have a spooky Halloween.



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