The Fraternity of the Soul Eater

I have completed the first draft of The Fraternity of the Soul Eater. Yes, I bring back some familiar and hopefully likeable friends. Sam, Bob and Susan will all be in attendance. Yet, Sam in some ways has changed. The question is if that change is for the better? He must do some soul searching he must wrestle with his destiny. Sam has faced the forces of evil in the past but had little choice but to engage them. This book explores his mental state. For the first time Sam has a choice. Will Sam fight the forces of darkness or run from danger in order to return to his old life?

Susan has also changed. She has to decide if she can live with a man who is surrounded by dark forces. Is her desire for a normal life greater than her love for Sam. She must also grapple with her own feelings about engaging in a battle against evil.

Bob is Bob, and is in some ways more stable than any of the other characters. The events in recent years have shaped him and changed him in some ways. Yet, he is  not changed at the same fundamental level as Sam. Bob is willing to believe in the unbelievable. He remains by Sam’s side despite the danger and horror. It seems as though he will for the rest of his life. Bob is defined by his loyalty. Bob is in some ways more mentally stable than Sam or Susan because he can accept things that they still struggle with.

In The Fraternity of the Soul Eater the story goes back to the times of Ancient Egypt. Yet, it has a modern and scientific aspects as well. It takes place mainly on the campus of the University of Illinois.

Is it possible a fraternity created in the 1920’s has been sacrificing innocent people to feed ancient deities. Is it possible that there is power hidden in the hieroglyphs of ancient tombs and temples? The book digs into these questions like an archeologist digs through the earth.

I am fascinated by Ancient Egypt. Looking at the Museums and the number of tourists who visit Egypt each year so are a lot of other people. Ancient Egypt is a subject that feeds the imagination.

America and Europe had a couple of periods of style known as  the “Egyptian Revival” period. If you look at some of the Victorian silver it is not uncommon to see scarabs and ankhs. This was a time where English Archeologists were discovering tombs in Egypt.

In the 1920’s there was another “Egyptian Revival”  (sometimes the term “Egyptian Deco” is used) when the tomb of King Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922.  Again in the 1920’s and 1930’s it is not uncommon to see Egyptian designs in furniture and silver.

The fascination with Egyptology seems to reawaken each time King Tut visits America and I hope this book also helps reawakens that fascination. Mummies and ancient curses are only a small part of this book. It also concerns the mythology of an ancient people.

I don’t want to say much more for fear of giving too much away. I will say the first draft is done. I hope to finish soon. It may take longer than I would like because I wrote the first draft by hand on a huge sheet of papyrus. I am just kidding.









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