Zombie Apocalypse

I wrote Cocaine Zombies some time back but it does take time to go from pen and paper to a book. I am shocked by the current trend of zombie news stories. I hope people are still thinking about zombies in November of 2012 and buy my book. At the same time I hope we are not heading towards a zombie apocalypse.

The real life nightmares in the news certainly support the saying that “truth is stranger than fiction”. The recent case in Miami is a reminder of how close fiction and fact are in today’s society. In a case that reminds me a little too much of my book Cocaine Zombies a homeless man believed to be under the influence of drugs chewed the face off another man. He was shot dead by the police. The alleged substance the alleged perpetrator consumed was referred to as “bath salts”. Bath salts are synthetic drug yet to be made illegal in some states. Illinois did make “bath salts” illegal in July of 2011. It is said to provide a hallucinogenic high similar to ecstasy. I have also heard it is similiar to LSD combined with methamphamine. Apparently this new synthetic drug is gaining popularity. One problem with synthetic drugs is that once a substance is made illeagle manufacturers can slightly modify the formula to skirt the law. 

Perhaps in another blog I will have a further discussion of synthetic drugs. Lets just say the less natural the worse it if for the user. Natural drugs tend to get more refined  and more potent. They also get more dangerous. In Victorian times opium was used by wealthy house wives with little ill effect. Heroin however is far more addictive and more easily results in death by overdose. Coca leafs have been chewed for centuries by native people in Peru and Bolivia with no ill effects but crack cocaine can be deadly.

That being said as unhealthy as crack and heroin can be the impact of a truly synthetic drug is worse. Methamphetamine seems to be among the worse offenders. If you look at before and after photographs of meth users the impact is extreme. People seem to have the life sucked out of them.”Bath Salts” may become another example of a synthetic drug taking a toll on people.

This brings me back to zombies in the news. The recent discovery of radioactive tuna also gives me cause for concern. Genetic mutation based on radioactive fish could be the start of a zombie apocalypse. I maybe overstating the problem, I also maybe overly influenced by seeing the movie Chernobyl Diaries this weekend (a movie I enjoyed far more than I thought I would). Yet radioactive tuna scares the hell out of me. I know I will die some day but death by sushi just seems undignified.

Next we have the blog from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggesting how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. I would have assumed that this was simply a joke if not for the rest of the news related to zombies. It does make you wonder. I would suggest in an attempt to be helpful, when preparing your home preparedness kit please include a copy of Cocaine Zombies. It may not help kill zombies but surviving the zombie apocalypse will involve a lot of sitting and waiting. Television is unlikely to survive past the first week or so of the apocalypse and it might help pass the time to have some reading materials..

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