Conflict and Hate

The Fraternity of the Soul Eater concerns the concept of the rebirth of an Ancient Egyptian society within America. What led to the fall of the great Ancient Egyptian society? There are some who attribute the fall to changing climate conditions that caused droughts in much of the area. War ultimately caused the fall of Ancient Egypt.

Certainly global warming is likely to impact weather conditions throughout the world. There are plenty of wars in the world. The turmoil in Africa and the Middle East as well as drug wars within North America war. Russian is no longer a sleeping giant but is awake and willing to have an impact on world politics even if the result is war in Eastern Europe. On top of that given that Israel is a nuclear power and Iran is actively arming Hamas it is conceivable that World War III could start in our lifetime.

When we add to that Ebola and bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics it is conceivable that the world could end without the help of war. I am further disturbed by mutations within nature. The unexpected increase in populations of some creatures and the disappearance of others. It seems every few weeks a strange colored mutant lobster is pulled from the sea.

There are other signs of course, “Pulp Fiction” did not win  an Oscar for best picture. They make cappuccino flavored potato chips and chocolate flavored toothpaste. Bob Dylan’s music has been used to sell soft drinks, cars and lingerie.

Yes, the idea of a New Dynasty does not seem so far fetched. I don’t think it will be like Ancient Egypt as envisioned in the Fraternity of the Soul Eater. Yet, I don’t think it will look the same as it does today or did after the second world war. Certainly China and India will have a bigger role to play. I would suspect things in the Middle East will get worse before they get better.

Will the changes be a result of fighting over limited resources or fighting over nothing in the form of some type of modern holy war? I don’t know what is next but I suspect there will be more turmoil in the next twenty years than in the last twenty years.

I have always assumed people are people and want the same things. That all people want their children to live in a safe place and have the resources they need to meet their potential. If this proposition is not true than the prospects for the future are bleak.

When I see people filming a man being beheaded on the internet it does make me questions that theory. It is possible I don’t understand people at all. That people who have any love for humanity can’t commit such an atrocity and fit under my general belief that people are essentially the same. If some people are evil than the likelihood of a world at peace is greatly diminished.

It is hard to write fiction because sometimes the truth of the world around me slips into my pages. The world needs healing but it wont come from governments. It must come from individuals. Until we love our children more than we hate our enemies the world will never know peace.

That being said as long as we have good books, decent movies and plenty of snacks in the pantry our lives wont be a total loss. We may not be able to stop global warming or end war but we can be kind to one another.









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