D.C. vs. Marvel

When I was a kid people actually read comic books. They were not so much collected as enjoined. They did not cost $3.99 a piece either. That is an amount equal to the cost of downloading a novel on kindle. There was no Comic Con and most of the movies were not expensively produced. All in all the movies were not much better than a television show in production quality.

The big debate at the time was D.C. vs. Marvel. Mind you a marvel comic was twenty-five cents when a Detective Comics (That is what DC stands for) were only twenty. I was one of those people willing to pay an extra nickle for Marvel. D.C. was more my father’s comic book.

Now with zillions of dollars invested in superhero movies the debate continues, Marvel or D.C., who is better? Marvel was bought out by Disney. Thus, Marvel has an endless supply of money for movie production. That being said D.C. has not produced cheap movies either.

The two best comic movies from recent times have been Iron Man (Marvel) and Batman Begins (D.C.). Both dark, well acted and well directed. Both companies have made some dreadful decisions as well, Green Lantern (D.C.) and the Fantastic Four (Marvel) are both awful movies. Both companies have the potential to make good and bad movies.

Who will win the war of the movies? The answer is Marvel. They will make more movies overall and as a result will wind up with some bad flicks. Yet, they have more to work with overall.

The principal horse in the D.C. stable is Superman. Superman is great, he saved America from the Japanese, the Nazi’s and Lex Luther. Yet, his time has come and gone. He is simply too powerful. I never fear for his safety no matter what the circumstance. I cant’t empathize with perfection. He is too clean cut too all American. Not to mention his America is not my America. I world of newspaper reporters

In addition what kind of Superhero fights Lex Luther? A villain with no super powers? Not to mention Superman III was painful to watch. The idea of going back in time to undo any problems made me wonder why I watched the beginning of the movie (although time travel worked in X-men -Days of Future Past).

Superman just does not work as a central character. He is simply too perfect. Thus I am not very hopeful for Batman v.s. Superman. Wonder Woman also suffers from the same flaws as Superman. She is from another time. Her powers are too “super”.

Marvel on the other hand has a larger stable with more interesting characters because they are flawed. After all, Iron Man is just a man with a heart condition. His moral character is not perfect. Dr. Strange has some potential. There was a Dr. Strange movie in 1978 that was actually interesting if not poorly made (It was the 70’s before CGI). Marvel has also done well without their biggest characters. Sure X-men and the Avengers are big but they have also succeeded with Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor.

Daredevil, is another great flawed character. Sure the 2003 movie wasn’t good. Perhaps
Ben Affleck was not the best choice. The movie was missing something. Yet, the idea should work. Daredevil has his own vendetta. His father, a boxer, was killed by a mobster for not taking a dive. He is a blind lawyer. Hell that alone would make you bitter.

Spider-man also is a good character. It is great to see a teenager as a hero and not a side kick. Yes, they have made some bad spider-man movies. I wonder why we need to reload his origin every few years when there are plenty of comic plots to choose from. If I was Marvel I would put Peter Parker on the back burner for at least ten years. He will come back stronger.

D.C. has made some gritty movies. Batman was great. Green Arrow’s ward Speedy was addicted to heroin (in the comic not the movie) that is gritty. The Watchman is very dark and their 2009 movie was interesting. Yet, overall Marvel has more of the feel of desperation and darkness that fits with our modern society. Marvel is a better match for today.

That being said there is room in this world for both. It is my hope that D.C. will produce some great movies in the future. Yet, looking at some of the D.C. movies scheduled for the future is disappointing: Aqua-man, Wonder Woman, The Justice League, Shazam and another Green Lantern. Yet, I disagree with SNL that Marvel can do no wrong. We will have to see.



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