Killer Clowns, Sexy Outfits, Politics & What Not to Wear – Halloween Costume Advice

Sexy – Who doesn’t love sexy in a costume? Sure there is the naughty nurse or sexy french maid. Other classics include the playboy bunny or slinky feline. These days any costume can be sexy. The results can be down right creepy. From food to children’s cartoon characters.  I have seen sexy costumes such as the following: sexy carrot, sexy corn, sexy banana and sexyTeletubbie. More disturbing are the sexy politicians. If you felt like ripping your eyes out of your head after opening the bedroom door and seeing your parents snuggling  wait until you see the sexy Trump and sexy Bernie Sanders costumes.  My advice be sexy but use good judgement.

Killer Clowns – Yes, like most Americans clowns give me the creeps. Stephen King’s: IT certainly has not put clowns in the best of light and a remake does not bode well for people with coulrophobia. Movies such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space and characters like Captain Spalding from The Devils Rejects add to the negative image of clowns. Not to mention clown spokes persons for restaurants have been known to cause people with phobias distress.

With all the recent clown sightings I suspect there will be a lot of people dressing as clowns this year. I should warn people it might be dangerous. There was a news story out of Chicago of a woman being attacked for wearing too much make up. This year I would encourage people not to go out dressed as a clown.

Politicians – Sure it may seem like a great idea to dress as Trump given his skin color is similar to a pumpkin and a trump wig is easy to find. Hillary also may seem like a great costume. All you need is a pant suit. Cat costumes may seem seem like a good idea as well in light of certain comments by the Republican candidate but I would suggest taking a more tasteful approach. This year politics is scary enough. Why overly scare the little demons and goblins in your neighborhood. I guess you could go as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein but who would recognize you.

Superheros – Superheros are always a good choice. You can be as sexy or as heroic as you like. Remember children look up to superheros so don’t let them down. Super villains are a whole other matter. The Joker is a little too close to a clown costume and Harley Quinn might be a bit disturbing.

Classic Costumes – You can’t go wrong with classic creatures of the night. Penny Dreadful has brought Frankenstein, The Wolf-man and Dracula back in vogue. These creatures of the night never go out of Halloween vogue. Ghosts are also a good costume idea. All you need is a sheet and scissors. You can’t go wrong by going back to the classics. This includes many of the characters in my books. Demons, witches, mummies and voodoo spirits are good options.

Why dress up?  Remember costumes serve two purposes. The first is it is fun to pretend to be someone or something else. Even if it is just for the night costumes are freeing in some ways. The second is wearing a costume hides your true identity from the real creatures of the night who might to and steal your soul. Once a creature of the night determines  you are human and actually have one it can be unsafe*. So have fun this Halloween season.

  • The author makes no real or implied warranty that all humans have souls. As of late there is substantial support that some people may be lacking in that department.