Ouija Origin of Evil – Review

The  few weeks before Halloween should be filled with scary movies but Ouija Origin of Evil was the only one in the theater this weekend. It was a prequel to the 2014 movie Ouija. The 2014 movie was watchable but unremarkable. Thus, my expectations for the prequel were not very high.

I was pleasantly surprised. It is hard for me to write movie reviews because I try to avoid spoilers. That being said I will have to provide some information I learned from watching the film. As such I won’t be offended if you stop reading this blog until after you have seen the movie.

Some of the characters have become clique over the years. An innocent child possessed by evil. A single mother trying to get by after the death of her husband. A teenage girl struggling with moving towards adulthood. A kind priest trying to fight his own internal demons.Yet, this does not bother me. All characters are cliques at a point. We are surrounded by entertainment. We have seen so many television shows, movies and books it is rare for anything to be truly unique.

I found the characters believable. Lulu Wilson who played Doris and Annalise Basso who played Lina were both up to the task and convincing in their rolls. I also found the special effects to be creepy and not overused. When Doris contorts her body in unnatural ways it is subtle but also truly disturbing.

I liked the juxtaposition of 1965 and the innocence of that time against the evil of the spirits. Ouija boards have been around forever but in 1966 Parker Brothers bought the rights to the name Ouija (Hasbro purchased it from Parker Brothers in 1991) I assume this is the beginning the movie is referencing. 1965 was prior to the summer of love and was a quite and conservative time compared to the world today. The innocence of the girls and of the time period compared to the darkness and evil of the spirits made for a good contrast.

In addition the house itself became a character. Hiding secrets of it’s prior owners. The Priest was trying to help without being judgmental. The mother was doing her best to get by. I felt  her willingness to scam her customers and her justification of the dishonesty made her more relate-able.

This movie is not going to win the Oscar for Best Film but I suspect it will be a winner at the box office from now to Halloween. It was fun, spooky and a good time. I would recommend seeing it.