Conspiracy Theories, Trump & Voter Fraud

Conspiracy theories can be fun so here is one to think about. Why would Trump in the third debate not agree to accept the results of the election?

Trump had to realize this would make him look bad. America prides itself on having a peaceful transfer of power. If Trump wants to make America great our democracy is one of our countries finest attributes. The idea that the people (or our delegates) elect a president is a central tenant of democracy.

Besides why not wait until the voting results come in. Trump could at that time disavow his comments at the debate. He could say he didn’t have all the information at the time of the debate. He could point out that he discovered new information. In truth who cares if he accepts or does not accept the results of the election.

All of the Republican candidates agreed to support the eventual GOP nominee. Trump had no problem rescinding this promise, well until he became the nominee. Kasich and Cruz also rescinded the pledge. Until Cruz changed his mind again and supported Trump. Going back on their pledge did not appear to hurt any of the candidates.

So why would Trump make a point of saying he might not accept the results of the election? Now for my conspiracy theory. If illegal aliens, dead people and felons vote it will be unlikely to have any real impact on the result of the election. Yet, if our electronic voting machines and computer tabulators are hacked it could have an impact.

Various states and counties leave no paper trail and could in theory be hacked. Other electronic voting machines are susceptible to hacking.


The issue of the hacking of the DNC emails and Hillary Clinton emails have been one sided. Russia is believed to be behind the hacking of the emails.Did WikiLeaks get their information from Russia? Trump has indicated on a number of occasions his support of Putin. On the other hand Putin appears not to like Hilary Clinton.

Now for the conspiracy theory part of the blog. What if Trump believes Russian will try and hack the computers and voting machines to his benefit. If Trump were to win the election It would look bad for Clinton to claim the election was rigged after attacking Trump for such a claim. It would look bad to claim the computers and/or voting machines were hacked.