If you can answer this question correctly than you are kind of boring.

One of the worst questions asked during an interview is, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. If you see yourself doing the same thing you are doing now, in five years, provided your not Batman or Beyonc√© you need to get out more. There is a world of opportunities in this world. Life is short.

I may wind up doing the same thing in five years I am doing now. Yet, my hope is that I will be an astronaut or a rock star. Perhaps, I will be a movie star. As was said in The Big Lebowski, “If you will it, dude, it is no dream”.¬† Although some credit should go to Theodore Herzl.

When winter begins to turn to spring possibilities begin to fill your mind. It is time to explore. You don’t need to travel far to see something new. I live in a small town but there are still museums, libraries and gardens.

There are forests and parks to explore. I could see deer, rabbits and eagles. Yet, who has the time. Than again I have the time to sit here and write this. I’m outta here.