Hurry Up & Wait

It seems like an eternity ago when I came up with the idea to write Cocaine Zombies. Yet it is now available to purchase on November 1, 2012 and available for pre-sale on Amazon today. An excerpt is available on Manic Readers and a few chapters on scribd.

I have survived the editing process. It was a stark reminder that I should have paid more attention in English class. I will blame it on paying too much attention to the cute girl with the pigtails two rows up. That said the finished product looks great.

One question people may ask is why should I spend my hard earned money to buy Cocaine Zombies? I have made a top ten list.

1.  It may be the best book ever written concerning cocaine and zombies that takes place in central Illinois.

2.  It may be the best book on the subject matter that references, Descartes, John Stuart Mill and Herman Munster.

3.  It is the only book with my picture on the back. Thus, it is sure to be a collectors’ item (provided you’re my mother).

4.  It will give you a greater understanding of the sequel Ruler of Demons.

5.  When the movie comes out you can tell your friends you read the book first.

6.  It makes a great gift for the holidays. I should note that Halloween is the day before the release but people enjoy belated Halloween gifts.

7.  It’s great therapy. It allows the release of feeling since it will touch on all of your emotions.

8.  It is just the right size to push under the leg of the table to keep the table top perfectly level.

9.  It will make your own problems seem small by comparison. After all Sam must save the entire world.

10.  Last but not the least in terms of importance: It will make me happy! Yes, can you imagine writing a book and having no one read it? Why not make a complete stranger happy?

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